An ISO/TS 16949:2009, PED 2014/68/EU & AD2000-Merkblatt W0 Certified Company


Management Team

Mr. Suresh Kalaria
B.E. (Mech)

Managing Director &
Director – Technical and Marketing

Mr. Suresh Kalaria is a Young & Dynamic Entrepreneur, aged 37, is the Technical Leader of the Group. His extensive Engineering & Technology background includes decades of executive experience within Forging and Production. He heads the Management Team as the Managing Director and also is the Director – Technical & Marketing.

Mr. Suresh has successfully conceptualized the entire company and has put life into it. He has brought all the factors together to bring the company to its present stature. He has led through significant growth phase of the company.

With his prestigious Mechanical Engineering Degree, Mr. Suresh is all set to take the Company to highest summits of Technological Innovations & Advancements. The brilliant insights in terms of Technical Inputs that he provides span across – Die Design, Process, Heat Treatment, New Product Development, Machining etc.

Marketing of the Company too has been under the leadership of Mr. Suresh. He has built a wide and extensive marketing network right from the ground level. The Marketing team is effectively contributing in managing market segmentation, lead generation, marketing metrics and brand positioning activities. Today, the host of clients that Kalaria Forge Pvt Ltd. has is due to these efforts.

Mr. Ajay Kalaria
B.Sc. & MBA

Director – Admin,
Company Affairs & Commercial

Mr. Ajay Kalaria, an Enthusiastic and Efficient Leader, aged 39, is the one who keep the life and veins of the running by providing required vitality to the Company. Indeed, efficient administration in handling company affairs as well as other entities including Customers, Bankers, Govt. and other parties together is a Herculean task. Mr. Ajay also takes care of the finances and commercial activities of the company with flair.

Efficient Administration is like lubrication to the machinery called the Organization. They once taken care of the company is all set to go for efficient production and vast marketing and selling.

Keeping the staff motivated, Conducting Public Relations activities for enhancing the image and Brand Awareness of the company is helping Kalaria Forge Pvt. Ltd. to surge higher summits.

Mr. Ajay keeps the Life-line of Business, the finances of the company in well order. Today, the financial health of the Company is so strong that it is seen many new advancements in production.

The Company under the Commercial Operations by Mr. Ajay is financially so strong so as it has been able to fund a New Project of the Group – Pentagon Forge & Machine Ltd. which has commenced in August 2014.